V for Victori 

Sharing heart, hope and solidarity across our greater community.

This not-for-profit creative project shares an ongoing campaign for heart, hope and solidarity across Australia (and beyond).
The campaign predominately fills traditional print and digital advertising spaces with uplifting and unifying messages to help lift community spirit and celebrate togetherness across state and territory borders.

NGV Melbourne Design Week

Talk and Exhibition

Friday, 25 March, 2022

5.30pm – 8.30pm

JMC Academy, South Melbourne

Presented by AGDA

I Heart and Hope Posters

A show of heart and hope for your own home town, suburb or region.
Designed to be shared, these posters are available as either a Free Digital Download, a $15 Print-Your-Own PDF or as a $85 Fine Art Print.
With all proceeds going towards helping us continuing sharing the V for Victori project across our greater community.

Merch Shop

Wear and share a “walking billboard” of heart and hope with our range the offical range of ‘V for Victori’ merchandise. 

With profits from the Merch Shop to be shared with Beyond Blue, in support of their work in mental health and wellbeing.

Free Downloads

Download and print your own V’s

Poster (A3)

Colour-Me-In 1 (A4)

Colour-Me-In 2 (A4)

Support this Project

If you love this project and want to help share and support it, there a number of ways you can:


If you would like to make a personal financial contribution towards the project, we have set-up a Go Fund Me page to help take your donation.


If you or your company have an idea of how we might be able to work together and collaborate, let’s arrange a time to chat and see where we can go.


If your business or organisation would like to become an official sponsor of this project, please get in touch about our sponsorship packages.

Here are some of the ways this project is being shared within the community:

Posters and Billboards

Digital and Social Media

Merch and Prints

Community Participation

A Look at the Books

This project wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of others.

For the most part, money raised for this project goes directly into filling print and digital advertising spaces right across Australia, selling nothing but an uplifting message to help combat negativity and lift community spirit.
As well as some of the costs involved in producing the prints and merchandise that help fund the project.
Last Updated: 8 June 2021


TOTAL: $6,200.50


Print: $7,304.00
Digital: $1,417.00
Merch: $1,140.35
TOTAL: $9,861.35.00
Out of Pockets: $3,660.85


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Thank You!

Without the support and generosity of these wonderful people and businesses, this project would never have got past the front door.




Brenda Shanahan AO

Tony D’Aloisio AM

Ian Carson AM

Michael Dowling AM

Graham Sherry OAM 

Angie Greene

Tom Ormerod

Jacqueline Bolton

Gee Ryan

Paul McSweeney

Bill Ryan

Rodney Ellis

Michael Kingston

Anna Loughnan

Jason Toon

Lilian Darmono

Cerys Latimer

Andrea McKenna

Shelley Panton

Denise Kibby

Matt Osborne 

Sally Gudgeon  

Bella Dahon

Christopher Dahon


QMS Media

Total Outdoor Media

Kathy Lane

Landon Abbott

Andrew McGregor

Beverley Pinder

Rock Posters

TEG Van Egmond

Magic Frames

The Panton Store

Nordie Cafe

AGDA Victoria

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Interview with Charlie Ryan on RPP FM, 30 June 2021

The Back Story 

Started in response to Victoria’s second and toughest Lockdown restrictions in August 2020, this not-for-profit project shares an ongoing campaign for heart, hope and solidarity, predominately filling traditional print and digital advertising spaces — but selling nothing, but uplifting and unifying messages to help lift community spirit and celebrate togetherness across state and territory borders.
The campaign logo upcycles Winston Churchill’s ‘V for Victory’ and the peace sign of the 1960s, giving Australian’s a common symbol that can be proudly worn, displayed and shared to represent our united fight towards victory against COVID-19 and its greater flow-on effects within the community.
And whilst the original design cleverly incorporated the shape of Victoria as the palm of the hand, it has now been upgraded with the bottom half of the Australian continent. And its vibrant palette representing the official colours of all Australian Commonwealth flags, states and territories.
The project has since evolved to include a growing range of ‘I Heart and Hope’ poster designs (inspired by American graphic designer Milton Glaser’s iconic ‘I Love New York’) which incorporates the names of individual towns, suburbs and places celebrating the resilience, love and support found in every community, particularly during this period of ‘staying apart, together’.
Started by sharing the designs on social media, the project quickly led into the real-world distribution of large format street posters printed by the team at Plakkit and pasted in major metropolitan cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide. As well as being mailed to a selection of participating individuals living in regional and rural areas.
And with the generous support from out-of-home project partners, QMS Media and Total Outdoor Media, 100s of digital billboards and screens have been donated to share the campaign artwork in metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney and in regional Victorian cities, including Ballarat, Geelong, Warrnambool, Wangaratta, Shepparton and Traralgon.
The project has been completely self-funded, relying on the generosity of private donations on our Go Fund Me page and from the sales from official prints and merchandise, which has so far raised over $10,000 towards the project. With all profits going towards the print and digital advertising. 

No order, nor border will tear us apart.

Forever together in hope and in heart.

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